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I help women entrepreneur release brand shame by designing a quality online presence.


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Hey there,

I'm Taina

I'm a branding and graphic designer, a sale and marketing online coach. 

My signature program It's Time To Boss Up is the home for teaching you how to build an amazing online  presence through your messaging, visuals, branding, and marketing to attract your ideal customers and get paid for your amazing products! I’ll break down my personal business strategies on how to use social media and your website as your money-making machine to have consistent $10k months!


Get paid what you deserve

It's Time To Market Your Business to the next level & Create The

Time & Financial Freedom You Deserve!

You're an expert, your clients love you, and you're ready to scale your business so you can work less, make more money, and live the life you want.  I'm here to help you refine, simplify, and automate your business and marketing systems & strategies to position yourself to increase your revenue.


I'll help you apply my skills to revamp your small business & attract a consistent monthly client base that understands your value & are willing to pay for your products.


My branding and marketing strategies helps you scale your business to free up your time so you can impact your community, create generational wealth, and build your legacy.

Branding & Marketing Program + VIP Intensive

This program is a 3-12 month program where I hold your hand as you level up your business to 6-Figures. It starts with a private 2-4 hour VIP Intensive where we will revamp your offer, craft your marketing messaging, and develop a marketing strategy to position your products from $5 to $10K+ months! For the duration of the program, we'll meet regularly to hold you accountable for reaching $10K+year, and you'll have access to me to get your questions answered whenever you want.

this could be you


"I booked 2 clients totaling $25K within 2 days of my VIP Day with Taina"
- Annjela N.


Taina is a branding designer and online marketing coach for women entrepreneurs wanting to reach consistent $10K year in their business.

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